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SubjectRe: PCI IRQ routing problem in 2.4.0

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Robert Siemer wrote:
> From: Linus Torvalds <>
> > Another one..
> > Robert, can you get the dump_pirq script from the pcmcia_cs package
> > and send the output to us?
> seems to reflect my settings in the bios:

No, but that's really interesting..

> Device 00:01.0 (slot 0): ISA bridge
> INTA: link 0x01, irq mask 0x1eb8 [3,4,5,7,9,10,11,12]
> INTB: link 0x02, irq mask 0x1eb8 [3,4,5,7,9,10,11,12]
> INTC: link 0x03, irq mask 0x1eb8 [3,4,5,7,9,10,11,12]
> INTD: link 0x04, irq mask 0x1eb8 [3,4,5,7,9,10,11,12]

Your "link" values are in the range 1-4. Which makes perfect sense, but
that's absolutely _not_ what the Linux SiS routing code expects (the code
seems to expect them to be ASCII 'A' - 'D').

It looks very much like "pirq_sis_get()" and "pirq_sis_set()" in
arch/i386/kernel/pci-irq.c are broken for your setup.

Can you replace them with the following:

static int pirq_sis_get(struct pci_dev *router, struct pci_dev *dev, int pirq)
if (pirq <= 4) {
u8 x;
pci_read_config_byte(router, 0x40+pirq, &x);
return (x & 0x80) ? 0 : (x & 0xf);
printk("Unknown SiS pirq value %d\n", pirq);
return 0;


static int pirq_sis_set(struct pci_dev *router, struct pci_dev *dev, int pirq, int irq)
if (pirq <= 4) {
pci_write_config_byte(router, 0x40 + pirq, irq);
return 1;
printk("Unknown SiS pirq value %d\n", pirq);
return 0;

and see if that changes the behaviour.

Anybody else with SiS chipsets that want to try the above? Please..


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