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SubjectSupport for 802.11 cards?

I was wondering what 802.11 PCI cards anyone knows of that run
under Linux-2.4. (or 2.2 for that matter)

I have looked at Documentation/ and done a quick
grep of all the documentation for "802.11" without much luck. I can't seem
to find anything related to the aironet cards that are mentioned in
./ -- it would be a matter of guesswork for me to figure out
which, if any, Cisco card is the same one that the kernel supports.

Does anyone know if anyone has released (working) drivers for
their 802.11 cards that have not been incorporated into the kernel?

I know D-Link has some 802.11 cards out right now, but I haven't
seen any mention of support for Linux. I know other D-Link devices are
supported; does anyone know if someone is working on a driver for their
card? If not, have they been receptive to requests for documentation?


Mike Pontillo

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