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SubjectRe: ps hang in 241-pre10
yes, I should also mention I have also a SoundBlaster 32AWE (0MB on the daughterboard).

J Sloan wrote:

> OK, here's the details you asked about:
> Soundblaster Awe 32 sound card
> Voodoo 3 pci video card
> Running Xfree86-4.0.0 (rpms from
> Playing unreal tournament, no special game
> options, just 800x600 graphics @ 16 bits.
> To recap, the symptoms (hung ps, etc) occurred
> on kernel 2.4.1-pre8 + low latency patches. (but
> I don't think the low latency patches had anything
> to do with it, based on the other reports)
> Hope this helps
> jjs
> David Ford wrote:
> > On 2.4.0-ac12, I played music for about 30 minutes without any problems. I started up an mpeg in xmms and it
> > locked in short order. I'm sure now that it has something to do with the graphics. What DGA or other config
> > options do you have enabled for your game?
> >
> > What video and sound card?

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