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SubjectRe: hotmail not dealing with ECN
On Sat, Jan 27, 2001 at 07:11:59PM -0500, Gregory Maxwell wrote:

> It's this kind of ignorance that makes the internet a less secure and stable
> place.

You have obviously absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Period.

> The network should not be a stateful device. If you need stateful
> firewalling the only place it should be implimented is on the end node. If
> management of that is a problem, then make an interface solve that problem
> insted of breaking the damn network.

So how do you propose to secure devices like MRT's or X-Ray scanners or
life-support in a hospital? Nowadays this equipment is hooked to the
internal network of the hospital and protected by really paranoid
firewalls. Do you really want unneeded software on those devices?

Or what about the computer systems in nuclear powerplants? In air defense
systems? Power grids? Water supply?

Oh come on! Just reread some of the newspapers back from Dec 31 1999!

Dominik Kubla
A lovely thing to see: Kobayashi Issa
through the paper window's holes (1763-1828)
the galaxy. [taken from: David Brin - Sundiver]
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