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SubjectRe: kernel boot problems

Maybe try enabling ATA/IDE driver as the configuration at compile time has
changed. Using an old 2.2 '.config' will fail to enable the subsystem.
However using a 2.4'.config' on a 2.2 compile will generally succeed in
90% of the flags.


On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Derek Benson wrote:

> Ryan> Hello all,
> Hi
> Ryan> I was wondering if someone might be able to help me. I have
> Ryan> just compiled my kernel and set it up on a floppy to boot off a
> Ryan> disk. I have it then use an image file to uncompress and get
> Ryan> the filesystem off ,etc. Well when it boots it says it has
> Ryan> uncompressed the filesystem image and then gives me this:
> Ryan> Mounted Root (ext2 filesystem) readonly Freeing unused kernel
> Ryan> memory: 212K freed Warning: unable to open an initial console
> Ryan> Kernel panic: no init found. Try passing init= option to the
> Ryan> kernel.
> Ryan> I know that I have init on the image, so what could I be doing
> Ryan> wrong. It is probably something stupid that I am overlooking,
> Ryan> but I thank you in advance.
> This is commonly seen when your /etc/fstab is pointing to the wrong partion
> for root, or (I believe) on some older kernels where the location of the root
> partition is contained within the kernel or on the boot sector somewhere.
> (Forgive me for not being more explicit my memory fails me) Try man rdev
> for changeing these values.
> Of course as someone else has noted there could be other reasons, but if
> you are looking for something 'stupid' (believe me I've done this before
> too) then this could be it.
> Try passing 'root=/dev/hda2' or whatever (without the '') to the kernel
> at the boot prompt:
> lilo: linux root=/dev/hda1 single
> Replace linux above with the alias of your kernel.
> If you don't know what partiion root is on you can always cycle through
> the partitions consecutively. (I've done this before when breaking into
> linux boxes that I didn't build but had the job of maintaining).
> Once you have booted into single mode you can edit /etc/fstab to point to
> the right place. Or else if thats correct just boot up with linux root=blah
> and you'll be up and running!
> Hope this helps.
> derek
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Andre Hedrick
Linux ATA Development

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