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SubjectRe: ps hang in 241-pre10
At the time I had temporary access to my notebook and had a mismatched
file :S


Linus Torvalds wrote:

> In article <>, David Ford <> wrote:
> >I can quickly and easily duplicate it on my notebook by playing music or
> >mpegs in xmms. It may take a few minutes but it's guaranteed.
> >
> >xmms stalls flat on it's face and anything accessing /proc stalls. If I get
> >the time to do it, I'll take a gander at it with kdb.
> Please, if you see something like this, just do a simple
> <Alt+ScrollLock> followed by <Ctrl+ScrollLock> while in text-mode. The
> magic keystrokes will give a stack trace of the currently running
> process and all processes respectively.

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