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SubjectRe: [UPDATE] Zerocopy patches, against 2.4.1-pre10

Andrew Morton writes:
> What I suggest we do here is to add a new flag to the per-device
> table `HAS_HWCKSM' and use that to set the device capabilities,
> rather than using the IS_CYCLONE stuff. Then we can add cards
> individually as confirmation comes in.

This idea sounds just fine.

> I do have a 200-line 3c59x patch banked up - it does the following:
> So... How to coordinate these diffs? I'd propose that I implement
> the HAS_HWCKSM thing, test zerocopy with it on the five NICs which
> I have. Then what? Ask Linus to merge the non-zc parts?

I have a better idea. Look, all the dev->features and flag names are
in the kernel tree already. The only thing which hasn't propagated
which the driver will reference are the skb frag things. This code
referencing the skb frags in the 3c59x hard_start_xmit method you can
just protect with #ifdef MAX_SKB_FRAGS or similar. See?

David S. Miller

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