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    SubjectRe: Big Bada Boom...
    Yeah, I've been bitten by this quite often.  Basically, just edit arch/alpha/kernel/Makefile and remove irq_pyxis.c from the obj-y
    line. I'm not positive what systems require it exactly, but rawhide isn't one of them. I have a totally separate patch from Andrea
    that suggests (to my mind) that it is required for: GENERIC, CIA, CABRIOLET, EV164, EB66P, LX164, PC164, MIATA, RUFFIAN and SX164. Does
    someone want to verify that and then a quickie patch can be whipped up and sent in.

    - Pete

    Greg from Systems wrote:

    > 2.4.0 Kernel problem...
    > Alpha version only..
    > This seems to be purely a source problem...
    > attached is my .config, and here is the problem:
    > when using the attached .config and running a 'make dep ; make boot' I get
    > the following:

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