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SubjectRe: [2.2.18] outgoing connections getting stuck in SYN_SENT
Mark Longair <> writes:
> I'm having a problem where twice a day or so, any new tcp connection
> it gets stuck in SYN_SENT. Eventually this situation rights itself,
> but obviously in the meantime many services (e.g. squid, X) are
> broken. The machine does IP masquerdading with ipchains, and
> masqueraded connections through it seem to be unaffected. The
> kernel version is 2.2.18, although the same happened with 2.2.17.

It turned out that this was caused by using autofw to forward a range
of ports (2300-2400 in this case.) It seems that these ports aren't
reserved in any way, so eventually the server tries to use one as a
local port on an outgoing connection.

There was a previous reference to this on the list:

I'm looking at finding fix for that. Would this be an issue with the
new networking code in 2.4?

Thanks for the suggestions...
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