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SubjectRe: PATCH: "Pass module parameters" to built-in drivers
Keith Owens wrote:

> Inconsistent methods for setting the same parameter are bad. I can and
> will do this cleanly in 2.5. Parameters will be always be keyed by the
> module name, even if they are compiled in. Adding an inconsistent

I'm curious as to what boot argument equivalent you envision for e.g.

options ne io=0x280,0x300 irq=10,12 bad=0,1

> method to 2.4 then changing to a correct method in 2.5 is a bad idea,
> wait until we can do it right.

As a related issue, this will allow me (or whoever) to kill off the
ether=x,y,z,ethN boot argument for compiled in ethernet drivers at
the same time. It made sense back in 1.0/1.2 days when distro kernels
were shipped with everything compiled in and ISA cards were the norm.
Now it is hardly used and generally a PITA to support.


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