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SubjectRe: Turning off ARP in linux-2.4.0
In article <Pine.LNX.4.30.0101240857420.1024-100000@u.domain.uli> you wrote:
> The problem is complex and can't be solved with ifconfig -arp


> The needs for clusters with shared addresses include:

> 1. block ARP replies for such addresses

-arp will do that

> 2. don't announce these addresses in the ARP probes (can be achieved
> using ip addr add IP brd + dev lo scope host)

i guess -arp will disable neighbour alive probes, too?

> 3. don't autoselect such addresses (for source addresses)

This is not done if you do not use a route through that ip

So where is the problem with -arp?

Well.. another solution would be to use the ipip system instead of the arp
redirection, right?

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