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SubjectRe: Bug in ppp_async.c
Albert D. Cahalan writes:

> Even Red Hat 7 only has the 2.3.11 version.
> The 2.4.xx series is supposed to be stable. If there is any way
> you could add a compatibility hack, please do so.

Stable != backwards compatible to the year dot. ppp-2.4.0 has been
out for over 5 months now. Adding the compatibility stuff back in
would make the PPP subsystem much more complicated and less robust.
And pppd is not the only thing you would have to upgrade if you are
using a 2.4.0 with Red Hat 7.0 - I would expect that you would also at
least have to upgrade modutils, and switch over from ipchains to
iptables if you use the netfilter stuff.


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