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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.0ac11
As I don't use initrd at all I am a bit out of my depth here but according 
to Documentation/Changes you need a new mkinitrd and the version suggested
seems to be 2.8-1. Checking my up-to-date RedHat 7.0 workstation it has
mkinitrd version 2.6-1, so this might be your problem?

Best regards,


At 01:39 25/01/2001, Sergey Kubushin wrote:
>On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Alan Cox wrote:
>Modules don't load. I do usually compile heavily modular kernels, with ide
>and ext2fs being also modular. When trying to load them from initrd, I have
>the following output:
>=== Cut ===
>ide-mod.o: Can't handle sections of type 32131
>ide-probe-mod.o: Can't handle sections of type 256950710
>ext2.o: Can't handle sections of type 688840897
>=== Cut ===
>I suspect that all modules are affected, but can't check it because kernel
>is unable to mount root filesystem.
>All of ac9-ac11 behave the same. ac4, vanilla 2.4.0 and a whole bunch of
>pre's are fine, so it looks like something was broken between ac4 and ac9 (I
>didn't compile anything inbetween).
>I use gcc-2.95.2, binutils-, modutils-2.4.2, glibc-2.2.1. The
>initrd image is romfs. I don't think something was broken in romfs, 'coz
>all the programs run just fine outta the image (static ash, static insmod).
>Config is available and can be sent on request. Please let me know if I can
>help to find out what causes such a bug.

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