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SubjectRe: Probably Off-topic Question...
On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 01:14:19AM +0800, Steve Underwood wrote:
> > This is probably a user-land and/or undocumented thing, but I am not
> > certain where to get the correct info.
> >
> > Does anyone know how to get the screen brightness control to work on a
> > Sony Vaio N505VE? There seems to be some sort of proprietary hook to get
> > it to work that requires their install of Windows. (This is a problem as
> > it was removed immediatly after purchacing the laptop.)
> All the newer Vaios seem to have this problem. They rely on support from
> Windows to control the brightness, instead of doing it through the BIOS,
> like older machines. I don't know a solution. More annoyingly, they
> won't hibernate, as they rely on Windows Me or 2000 doing it for them.
> The APM hibernate in the BIOS seems to have gone. I have a Z505GAT,
> which I think is the Asian version of the model sold in the US as the
> Z505LE. I guess this will become the norm now none of the current
> versions of Windows require any hibernation support from the BIOS. The
> hibernate to swap patch for Linux really needs to get into the
> mainstream, and be more thoroughly exercised.

if anyone finds a way of dimming the brightness make sure you post!
besides killing the battery, it also makes it hard to use in dark
places such as night flights. i feel as if i'm lighting up the
cabin in these cases.

my vaio F-series used to sleep correctly under RH6.1. it now hangs
forever making the sleep mode much less useful.

Mark Smith
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