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SubjectWeird hidden /dev/audio on devfs

I'm using 2.4.0-ac11 with devfs support. Something is very strange in the
way how devfs behaves with respect to OSS sound drivers.

devfsd version 1.3.10 is running. There is an entry "alias /dev/audio
/dev/sound" in modules.devfs, which is the default.

If the "sound" module is not loaded, there are no files named "audio"
under /dev:

[proski@fonzie /dev]$ ls -al audio
ls: audio: No such file or directory
[proski@fonzie /dev]$ ls -alR | grep audio
[proski@fonzie /dev]$

Now I load sound.o and strange things begin:

[proski@fonzie /dev]$ ls -al audio
lr-xr-xr-x 1 root root 11 Jan 24 18:08 audio ->
[proski@fonzie /dev]$ ls -alR | grep audio
crw-rw--w- 1 root root 14, 4 Dec 31 1969 audio
[proski@fonzie /dev]$

/dev/audio exists when named explicitly, but otherwise only
/dev/sound/audio can be found.

No sound-card specific modules are loaded at this point:

[proski@fonzie /dev]$ /sbin/lsmod
Module Size Used by
sound 60880 0 (unused)
soundcore 4240 2 [sound]
mga 95424 1
agpgart 14080 3
floppy 46384 0 (autoclean)
[proski@fonzie /dev]$

All relevant config files are here:

Pavel Roskin

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