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SubjectRe: question about compiling the kernel
Jie Zhou wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I got about 30 warning msgs like this during the process of "make
> bzImage", is it a fatal problem or not?
> "Warning: using '%eax' instead of '%ax' due to "l" suffix"

Nothing to worry about.

> 2. after 'make bzImage', if I don't have any module to install, then I
> don't need to run either 'make modules' or 'make modules_install',
> is this correct?


> 3. After I run the /sbin/lilo, it says the new kernel is added to the
> system. HOwever when I restart the system and go into the labeled kernel
> I choose, the system gets stucked after these two lines:
> Loading kernel.......................
> Uncompressing Linux...OK, booting the kernel.
> Can you give me some advice on this. Thanks a lot for your kind reply..

Make certain you compiled the kernel for the proper CPU type (ie. don't
try to run a Pentium II kernel on a 486)


Brian Gerst
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