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SubjectRe: display problem with matroxfb
On 24 Jan 01 at 10:32, f5ibh wrote:
> > Grr. Did not pass through due to DUL blacklist...
> What is DUL blacklist ?
> If the problem is with my e-mail address (it is an hamradio address), you can
> use <> instead.

No. Problem is with linux-kernel@... It started blacklisting direct
mails from dialups, so I have to implement some workaround on my side
(as I do not want to use provider's SMTP gateway - I do not trust them).

> > Can you try 'video=matrox:init' ? And 'video=matrox:nopan'?
> Bingo ! 'init' does not work but 'nopam' give me a normal display without the
> fbset gimnick.

It looks like that there is some problem with screen offset computation then.
Can you try 'video=matrox:cross4MB' instead of '...:nopan'? I did not
have 8MB Mystique for testing, and it even looks reasonable - Mystique
does not use WRAM memory, so there is no need for WRAM workarounds.
If it will work, I'll cook twoliner for Linus.

> Next step will be to test dual head. I've already installed an AGP ATI (S3
> chipset) together with the PCI matrox Mystique and it seems to work. If I
> succeed, I will attach a normal VGA display on the ATI board and a 19" IBM (not
> multisync) on the Matrox. The ATI card is a cheap one with only 4Mb RAM. I've
> upgraded my Matrox Mystique to 8Mb, so I hope it will work.
> Now, I will have a look on how to use XF68_FBDev (if needed).

XF4.0.x should work reasonably well. Or you can run accelerated XF on mga:
matroxfb is compatible with accelerated XF 3.3.x, and with accelerated
XF 4.0.x WITHOUT enabled DRI (as DRI code reprograms hardware even if
X are on background) (and 'Option "UseFBDev"' is required if you are
using both heads of G400/G450 with XF4).
Best regards,
Petr Vandrovec

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