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SubjectRe: make mrproper
Long ago, about January 24, Joseph wrote:
> >From John Levon on Wednesday, 24 January, 2001:
> >Idle curiosity, but what does the "mr" in make mrproper
> >stand for ?
> My guess is that it is a joke. 'Meister Proper' is the German
> Mister Clean (the big, bald guy on the same-name cleaning
> agent bottle). I'm not sure of the spelling, though. It's been
> a while since I've seen the commercials.
> I dunno if it's Finnish, though. Never been there. Maybe it was
> put in by a German developer. Maybe not. It was there when
> I started.

Hmm; I always thought it stood for m(ake the)r(emake) proper
ie, recompile properly if something got messed up.

But I like the Mister Clean better :)

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