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SubjectRe: 2.4.1pre8 slowdown on dbench tests
On Wednesday 24 January 2001 09:44, Jens Axboe wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 24 2001, Steven Cole wrote:
> > > Thanks! Could I talk you into doing one last run? pre8 with
> > > include/linux/elevator.h having these values set for
> >
> > Here are two sets of dbench 48 runs with that mod. I can't explain why
> > the second set is faster. The second set was performed with no reboot
> > after the first set. The individual runs were performed with no wait
> > in-between.
> Was this the 2.4.1-pre8x tree? Regardless, it's about back to the

Yes, that kernel included the other change which was to blkdev.h which
you suggested. I ran dbench 48 four more times right after the previous
email. Here are those results, using exactly the same kernel (2.4.1-pre8
with changes to blkdev.h and elevator.h).

Throughput 9.52243 MB/sec (NB=11.903 MB/sec 95.2243 MBit/sec)
Throughput 9.98258 MB/sec (NB=12.4782 MB/sec 99.8258 MBit/sec)
Throughput 9.41459 MB/sec (NB=11.7682 MB/sec 94.1459 MBit/sec)
Throughput 9.23102 MB/sec (NB=11.5388 MB/sec 92.3102 MBit/sec)

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