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SubjectRe: nividia fb 0.9.0?
Robert Holmberg wrote:
> I saw version 0.9.0 of the nvidia fb driver floating around on the nvidia
> for linux mailing list some time ago. I tried it and liked it, it was A LOT
> faster and seemingly bug-free. I decided to wait for it to get integrated
> into the kernel. Time has gone by, the linux-nvidia archives are down and
> no-one seems to have submitted this patch, despite the fact that there was
> some talk about who should do it on the linux-nvidia-list. Has anyone tried
> to submit this? Otherwise I have it right here, not in patch format, but as
> a tar file including all files in the riva directory.
> fbdev.c lists changes by Jindrich Makovicka: accel code help, hw cursor,
> mtrr support.
> There was a minor bugfix patch to this one as well, I think it's applied to
> my version since the version number is 0.9.0jm2, but I can't recall for
> sure.
> I don't know if I could make a correct patch, since one filename
> seems to have changed from nv_local.h to nv4ref.h, and the official
> kernel version has some changes made after ths version was released
> (in November I think).
> I'm putting the file up here in case someone wants to make a patch out of
> it and submit it to Linus:

I just mentioned this to Bakonyi Ferenc <>, who
said that it would be better to roll a new patch without the v4l stuff,
and update rivafb. rivafb is apparently stable but the v4l code is not

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