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Subject2.4 destroys filesystems with VIA IDE driver..

I just read kernel traffic (I'm not subscribed to lk) re: Tobias
Ringstrom's FS corruption on 2.4.0.

I'm currently using 2.4.0+ReiserFS 3.6.25 on Red Hat 6.2, on a VIA IDE
main board (ASUS cuv4x, with the 82c686a south bridge) and I have *not*
gotten anything like what Tobias experienced. I manually set up the IDE
drive with hdparm to run at udma(66) mode.

OTOH, I'm using modutils-2.4.0 and my sound module (au8830.o from is not loading automagically although soundcore.o
does load, it used to under 2.2.18 and i consider this a bug. :)

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