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With recent kernels, my ThinkPad 600 won't resume for two minutes
after it is suspended. When the Fn key is pressed the machine
starts up, the CD-ROM scans, the screen backlight turns on,
and the APM light flashes. But then it just stays like that
instead of restarting the CPU; it is completely hung, although
the APM light continues to flash. If I wait more than about
two minutes with the machine suspended, however, then everything
resumes normally.

I have been running Linux for two years. This never happened
before a couple weeks ago when I upgraded to kernels 2.2.18 and
then 2.4.0 . I have since tested kernel 2.2.17 and see the
same problem. Do I have a hardware problem, or might something
have changed in the kernel that could lead to this behavior?

Thomas Hood
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