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SubjectRe: Modules not being found with 2.4.0 on a 486 based box

You need to install a recent version of modutils (at least 2.4.0) because
the directory structure changed as you noticed it and the new modutils are
able to deal with that. (C Sanjayan Rosenmund) writes:
> Please cc: me as well, as I'm on to many lists as is. . .
> Irecently built 2.4.0 on two diferent x486 PCs and neither of them
> recognised the new module directory structure found in the 2.4.x
> kernels. I did not have this problem on the Pentium and better
> machines that I built this same kernel on. I got around the problem
> by making a symlink from where the module actually was
> (/lib/modules/2.4.0/kernel/drivers/net/) to where the system was
> looking for it (/lib/modules/2.4.0/net/) and all is well. . .for now.
> I was wondering if there was any light that could be shed on why this
> might happen? I have only found this to be a problem on 486s,
> everything bigger has worked fine. Details below:
> Feature Working Not Wotking
> Processor Pentium + 486 (486DX2-66, 486DX-50)
> Distrobution Debian unstable Debian stable (unstable caused other
> problems)
> RAM 16Mb + 16Mb +
> Hdd size 1Gb + 540Mb +
> Modules involved Any network cards (that is all I was using)
> More info can be provided if needed. This is low priority, I was
> wondering if you had any ideas why (or how to get around it, other
> than my solution).
> Thank you all for your time, and for producing a kernel that is worth
> all this work <grin>.

Learning French is trivial: the word for horse is cheval, and
everything else follows in the same way.
-- Alan J. Perlis
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