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SubjectLinux 2.2.16 through 2.2.18preX TCP hang bug triggered by rsync
Ville Herva <> suggested I post this bug report here and that
possibly David Miller or Alexey Kuznetsov could help out. I found the
problem back at the end of October and narrowed it down as much as I could
but didn't know where to report it until now. For complete details please
see the rsync mailing list archive at
and some of the preceding and following messages. In particular, the next
is an interpretation of the TCP dump by my co-worker which implicates the
Linux side. Also, in
Andrew Tridgell refers to a TCP patch that went into Linux kernel 2.2.17
and that "Stephen" told him about it but I don't know what Stephen he was
referring to; that fix didn't help anyway.

The first message above refers to a set of data that could possibly be used
to reproduce the problem, but unfortunately nobody else has reported to me
that they have successfully reproduced it. I only saw the failures when
using rsync to pull to a particular Solaris 7 workstation, but it happened
when pulling from two different Linux machines and three different kernels
but no other type of machine. Another message
gives a more complete rsync command for reproducing the problem. The
original report at
says that I first noticed the problem on Linux kernel 2.2.16-3smp.

- Dave Dykstra
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