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Subject2.4 cpu usage...
I decided put 2.4 on my laptop.  After getting config issues seemingly
sorted out, still have some things I can't explain. VMware seems to run
about 30% slower. X was even sluggish at times. When I'm doing 'nothing',
top shows about 67% IDLE and 30% in 'system time'. I notice that
the process "kapm-idled" is being counted as receiving alot of CPU time.
Now this could make some sense maybe that idled is getting 30% of the time,
but then there's the remaining 67% that came up idle.

I shut down X -- then top showed 5% idle and 95% in "kapm-idled" (and
95% system time) which could still make sense but is probably not the output
you want to see when your computer is really idle.

So the kapm thing could be a "display" / accounting problem, but the
slowdown in vmware/X was real. I ran a WIN Norton "Benchmark" -- comes
up reliably over "300" -- usually around 320-350 under 2.2.17. Under
2.4, it came up reliably *under* 300 with typical being about 265".

So...I'm bummed. I'm assuming a 30% degradation in an app is probably
not expected behavior? Swap usage is '0' in both OS's (i.e. it's not
a run out of memory issue).


L A Walsh | Trust Technology, Core Linux, SGI | Voice/Vmail: (650) 933-5338

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