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SubjectRe: Total loss with 2.4.0 (release)
Mark I Manning IV wrote:

> > >
> > > > I think that your linux's partition has not been overwritten, but only the MBR
> > > > of your disk, so you probably just need to reinstall lilo. Insert your
> > > > installation bootdisk into your pc, then skip all the setup stuff, but the
> > > > choose of the partition where you want to install and the source from where
> > > > you want to install, then select just the lilo configuration (bootconfiguration
> > > > I mean), complete that step and reboot your machine, lilo will'be there again.
> Oopts I did this last week (fdisk /mbr doesnt do lilo any good :P)
> Insert Debian boot cd, boot to install, press Alt f2 Create mountpoint,
> Mount /dev/hda1, CD to that directory chroot to it, cd into /root and
> ./.profile (prolly not needed but can be useful sometimes) run lilo.
> All fixed (except by the time i rebooted my motherboard had commited
> suicide on me for being so stupid. Im about to go collect the
> replacement right now :)

Holy cow. Try this.

1. Boot from Slackware CD
2. At boot prompt enter: vmlinuz root=/dev/hda3 (replace with correct device of
3. Boot.
4. Run lilo.
5. Reboot if you want to.


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