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    SubjectRE: int. assignment on SMP + ServerWorks chipset

    > From: Duncan Laurie []
    > On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Randy.Dunlap wrote:
    > Hi Randy,
    > Oops, I knew it was an STL2, but somehow couldn't get it right in the
    > message.. It looks like they both use ServerWorks LE chipsets, do you
    > know if the SBT2 has the same problem?

    I don't have an SBT2 to test, but it's likely that they share
    this problem. The only difference in them is supposed to be
    SBT2 using bigger/faster processors.

    > I did see that your BIOS is build 16 (STL20.86B.0016.P01.0010111108)
    > while Petr has build 17 (STL20.86B.0017.P01.0011291152) which also
    > appears to be the latest release. Not that it has any affect on this
    > particular problem, but it might explain why the patch worked for you
    > and not him.
    > I looked at the Technical Product Specification,
    > (
    > and it appears that they have released BIOS updates to fix Errata
    > regarding Linux boot problems, so chances are good that it may be fixed
    > by a future update. Until then, the 'mpint' parameter patch seems
    > pretty harmless, yet flexible enough to handle subtle differences
    > in hardware and configuration.

    Yes, I tested that one as well and it works for me, using
    But now I need to upgrade the BIOS and I can't run phlash.exe!!!


    | Here's my output from dump_pirq. Is the PCI router info unique
    | enough so that you'll need to debug it instead of me doing so?
    | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    | [root@localhost src]# ./dump_pirq
    | Interrupt routing table found at address 0xfdf10
    | Version 1.0, 0 bytes
    | Interrupt router is device ff:1f.7
    | PCI exclusive interrupt mask: 0x0000 []
    | Interrupt router at ff:1f.7:
    | Could not read router info from /proc/bus/pci/ff/1f.7.
    | [root@localhost src]#
    | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    > Hrm, this certainly doesn't look right. You mentioned in a previous
    > message that changing the OS type from PnP-aware did not have any
    > effect, but if disabled the BIOS might not be creating the PIRQ
    > tables. Hopefully it will still take care of the IRQ routing, which
    > means you should be able to read the value directly. (it better or
    > USB shouldn't work in UP!) Try the following program:

    USB works in UP mode (smp kernel, with "nosmp noapic").

    dump_pirq in UP mode, PNP OS = Yes or No, gives the same
    output as above. I'd still like to get dump_pirq
    working if you have something else that I could try.

    USB Interrupt: 9

    Yes, the BIOS assigns interrupt 9 to USB. 9 is the correct
    value as far as the BIOS is concerned.

    BTW, where is the <irq_routing_table> structure defined, in what


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