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SubjectReplicating Current Kernell

Dear list,

I am new to the list so please forgive me if I am repeating a recent

I have a kernel that is the result of a Red Hat distribution and works
great. Only, I have to recompile the kernel in order to have policy
routing capabilities. As I am very inexperienced, I would like to
replicate my system as close as posible with only this added issue. I
tried recompiling the same kernel and had a little trouble (mainly <Unable
to mount root fs on 08:0a>). I figure it had something to do with the RAM
Disk that boots the system now not being in tune with the new kernel I
compiled. As I am working with the same source (2.2.12) I guessed I sould
be able to use the same initrd file.

My question is: Is there a way to explore the current kernel
configuration, or is there a way to enable a feature into the kernel (such
as advanced routing) without recompiling?

Any pointers or help is much apreciated

Thanks in advance


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