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SubjectIs this kernel related (signal 11)?
Hi all,

I brought up this issue last month and had some response but as of yet my
particular problem still exists. In brief, X windows dies with signal 11. I
have done quite a bit of testing and this does not seem to be a hardware
issue. Also, I have never managed to get a signal 11 error when not running
I posted on the X Free86 mailing lists and the consensus there seems to be
that it is likely a hardware or kernel problem. So, my question is, how can
I pin point the problem? Is this likely to be a kernel issue?

Recently I have been able to reproduce the problem reliably in a few ways.
First, if I use an app that uses ncurses (like 'make menuconfig' on the
Linux kernel) from within Gnome-terminal then X dies instantly. For now I
have gone to using only xterm.
I can also cause the error from xmms by scrolling the playlist repeatedly.
This will happen within a few seconds but not instantly like above.
I have also seen the error in other cases but none that I am yet able to
reproduce on demand.

PLEASE, any suggestions?


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