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SubjectRe: [OT?] Coding Style
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: profmakx.fmp []
> >
> > So, every good programmer
> > should know where to put comments. And it is unnecessary to
> > put comments to
> > explain what code does. One should see this as stated in the
> > CodingStyle doc.
> > Ok, there are points where a comment is good, but for example
> > at university
> > we are to comment on every single line of code ...
> WRONG!!!
> Not documenting your code is not a sign of good coding, but rather shows
> arrogance, laziness and contempt for "those who would dare tamper with your
> code after you've written it". Document and comment your code thoroughly.
> Do it as you go along. I was also taught to comment nearly every line - as
> part of the coding style used by a large, international company I worked for
> several years ago. It brings the logic of the programmer into focus and
> makes code maintenance a whole lot easier. It also helps one to remember
> the logic of your own code when you revisit it a year or more hence.

There is an old programmer's rule.

"Documentation? Too bad. If the code was damned hard to write, it should
be damned hard to understand."


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