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SubjectRe: Firewall netlink question...

> This is true. This is called ipqmpd or something similar and written by
> Harald Welte, yes?
> Your best option is to either check out libipq (can be found in the
> directory of the same name in the iptables sources), which provides
> clean C interfaces, or the PERL interface, available from

Yeah, I think that was the one.

>> What was wrong with the firewall netlink? My re-implementation works great
>> here. I can't see why anything else would be needed, QUEUE seems twice as
>> complex. Unless with QUEUE the userspce applications can make decisions on
>> what to do with the packet? In which case, it would be far too inefficient
>> for an application like mine, where all i need is to be able to read the
>> IP datagrams..
> It can modify and then reinject the packet if it so wishes.

Excellent, I didn't pick up on that, with the cursory glance at the code i took.

I wonder, would there be any interest/point in my NETLINK module, which
provides a backward compatible netlink interface. There are a good few
apps out there which rely on it, and its nice not to have to run a daemon
and install a new library, and re-write them just to continue using them...

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