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SubjectRe: [linux-audio-dev] low-latency scheduling patch for 2.4.0
On Sat, 20 Jan 2001 wrote:
> Let me just point out that Nigel (I think) has previously stated that
> the purpose of this approach is to bring the stunning success of
> IRIX style "RT" to Linux. Since some of us believe that IRIX is a virtual
> handbook of OS errors, it really comes down to a design style. I think
> that simplicity and "does the main job well" wins every time over
> "really cool algorithms" and "does everything badly". Others
> disagree.

Let me just point out that Victor has his own commercial axe to grind in
his continual bad-mouthing of IRIX, the internals of which he knows
nothing about.

Nigel Gamble
Mountain View, CA, USA.

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