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SubjectResolved: FAIL: 2.2.18 + AA-VM-global-7 + serial 5.05
On Mon, 01 Jan 2001, Chip Salzenberg wrote:

> > If I now patch serial 5.05 on top of that, the kernel itself detects
> > devices, but does nothing if it's to boot /sbin/init. ctrl-alt-del
> > and Magic SysRq are both functional and can reboot the machine.

> VA's current kernel includes VM-global and serial-5.05 (and lots of
> other stuff :-)). The only problem we had with serial-5.05 was its
> 2.2/2.4 compatibility code getting confused because 2.2.18 has more
> of 2.4's init macros available. Try this:

[patch to remove rs_init from tty_io.c]

I finally got around to try it, and your patch did the job. Thank you
very much.
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