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SubjectRe: PATCH: "Pass module parameters" to built-in drivers
On Sun, 21 Jan 2001 15:54:56 +1100, 
David Luyer <> wrote:
>Here's a proposed v2.4 "quick fix" to allow specifying "module parameters" to
>any of the many drivers without option parsers when built in to the kernel.

Fundamental problem: you assume that each module is built from a source
of the same name, this is not true. For example, scsi_mod is built
from several objects, including scsi.c and scsi_scan.c which contain
MODULE_PARM. With your patch the user has to do

scsi.c:scsihosts="..." scsi_scan.c:max_scsi_luns=n (built in)
options scsi_mod scsihosts="..." max_scsi_luns=n (module)

Inconsistent methods for setting the same parameter are bad. I can and
will do this cleanly in 2.5. Parameters will be always be keyed by the
module name, even if they are compiled in. Adding an inconsistent
method to 2.4 then changing to a correct method in 2.5 is a bad idea,
wait until we can do it right.

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