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Subject2.4.0 CDROM problem, ILLEGAL REQUEST
When playing audio CDs under kernel 2.4.0, syslog is showing the
following message repeatedly:

sr0: CDROM (ioctl) reports ILLEGAL REQUEST.

The command line utility cdplay seems to only cause this occasionally,
when I start playing a CD or skip to a different track, while gnome's
gtcd will generate it every few seconds... presumably gtcd is regularly
querying the drive.

I'm pretty sure that this wasn't occurring under the 2.4.0-testX
kernels, but I haven't verified this as they aren't currently

The system is a dual PIII 600 (i840) with 512MB. The CDROM is an
internal Plextor PX-20TS, connected to an Adaptec 2940UW (PCI). SCSI
support (including the aic7xxx driver) is compiled directly into the
kernel, while CDROM support is built as a module. The only kernel
patch applied is version of the crypto patch from

Suggestions and/or pointers would be most appreciated. Thanx!
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