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SubjectRe: named streams, extended attributes, and posix
Michael Rothwell writes:
> ...
>> Today, Michael Rothwell ( wrote:

>>> The filesystem, when registering that it supports the "named streams"
>>> namespace, could specify its preferred delimiter to the VFS as well.
>>> Ext4 could use /directory/file/stream, and NTFS could use
>>> /directory/file:stream.
> Oh, undoubtedly. But NTFS already disallows several characters
> in valid filenames.

NTFS allows all 16-bit characters in filenames, including 0x0000.
Nothing is disallowed. The NT kernel's native API uses counted
Unicode strings. The strings can be huge too, like 128 kB.

So there isn't _any_ safe delimiter.

Win32 will choke on 0x0000 and a few other things, allowing a
clever person to create apparently inaccessible files.
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