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SubjectRe: Scanning problems - machine lockups
On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 03:54:22PM +0000, Stephen Kitchener wrote:
> Any, I thought that it had cured the problem, but after a few scans,
> admittedly more than before, the scan head didn't return on the last scan
> that was successfully started.
It sounds like you did solve the "lock the machine solid" problem by putting
the video card on its own interrupt. Does anyone specifically maintain
kernel/irq.c? - please submit some spurious interrupt handling (interrupts
generated by devices that don't have a handler) along the lines of what
David Woodhouse suggested. I would expect it to deactivate the IRQ and report
the problem to the user so they can fix it themselves probably by changing
the IRQ configuration - not perfect but better than locking up the machine
with no message.

> Trying to scan again, hoping that it would reset the scanner and carry on,
> ... nothing, no response from scanner.
So now apparently the scanner doesn't respond after a few scans, but the
system continues to work OK. This sounds like a problem with either
the scanner sw, advansys driver, or the scanner.

1) I'm not familiar with SANE (is that what you're using?), but it probably
has some test programs. Please try them if they exist and report the
2) Please send the output of /proc/scsi/advansys/1 file after the hang. Also
you said you have another advansys card (/proc/scsi/advansys/0) with a lot
of devices attached. Do they all work correctly after the scanner hang? If
so, the problem is isolated to the second card and it's not a general driver
3) Another experiment is to compile the advansys driver as a module if you
can and after the hang, rmmod/insmod it to see if the scanner starts working
again. I would expect it to because this will reset the driver, adapter, and
SCSI bus.

Bob Frey
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