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Sandy Harris wrote:
> Looks to me like this parsing code unnecessarily and rather clumsily
> re-invents strtok

The original parsing code is this:
if ((str = strchr(str, ',')) != NULL)
Which effectivly steps through
like this
str == /dev/sda1,/dev/sdab1,/dev/sdc1
str == /dev/sdab1,/dev/sdc1
str == /dev/sdc1

My code: char *ndevstr;
ndevstr = strchr(str, ',');
if (ndevstr != NULL) *ndevstr++ = 0;
str = ndevstr

Works perfectly. I don't find it 'clumsy' or more complex at all. (I don't care
for strtok, nor did I even know the kernel had it)

However I don't see this critique of coding style helping the problem I'm

Returns a bad value. Yet
does not. The strange thing is
printk("Checking: '%s'\n", str);
shows str does infact contain a proper string.

It appears str does not get passed to name_to_kdev_t() properly,
and I have no idea why. Both my testing code and the original code
exhibit the same problem.

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