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SubjectRe: Via apollo KX133 ide bug in 2.4.x
On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 08:38:12AM +0000, Peter Horton wrote:
> I think I'm suffering the same thing on my new Asus A7V. Yesterday I got a
> single "error in bitmap, remounting read only" type error, and today I got
> some files in /tmp that returned I/O error when stat()ed. I do have DMA
> enabled, but only UDMA33. I've done several kernel compiles with no
> problems at all so looks like something is on the edge. Think I might go
> back to 2.2.x for a bit and see what happens, or maybe just remove the VIA
> driver :-((.

I apologise for following up my own E-mail, but there is something I'm
missing here (maybe a whole lot of something). Anyone know how come we're
seeing silent corruption ... I thought this UDMA stuff was all checksummed
? If there error is outside the data I assume the driver would notice ?

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