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SubjectRe: Coding Style
In article <>,
Albert D. Cahalan <> wrote:
>> Tabs are 8 characters so NO tabs should be used in ANY source file what
>> Rationale: Tabs force your code out to the right edge of the display
>> leaving no room for comments. You don't need great big gaping spaces to
>> delineate the start and end of a block, TWO spaces do this just fine.
>Correct, because adjustable tab width is a myth. The comments don't
>line up when you muck with tab width.

Read the Linux CodingStyle.

Tabs are 8 characters. They are NOT adjustable. Never have been, never
will be. Anybody who thinks tabs are anything but 8 chars apart is just
wrong. It's that simple.

And two spaces is not enough. If you write code that needs comments at
the end of a line, your code is crap. It's that easy. There is _never_ a
reason to comment a single line, and multi-line comments the the right
of multi-line code to the left is a recipe for disaster. In short, you
don't do comments to the right of code - you do them _before_ code.


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