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SubjectRE: PCMCIA Cards on 2.4.0


My problem was an other problem.

With Kernel 2.4.0test11 and 2.4.0test12, I compile with PCMCIA options
built in the Kernel (not as modules).

Works fine, I start Linux and the PCMCIA that was inserted was recognized
without problems (I think that I could not change PCMCIA because then
don't work, I am not sure)

With Kernel 2.4.0 final, with the same options, I start Linux and don't

Then, with the help of Christian Gennerat, I see (on /var/log/daemon) that
my cardmgr searchs for the module of my card (serial_cs.o, etc.; I haven't
the laptop here). After it, I compile with the PCMCIA suport in kernel
but with the drivers of my cards as module.

Now works fine, I can change the cards without restart :-)

The question is, why with kernel 2.4.0test12 and test11 this options works
fine; and with final release not?

Thank you very much, I hope that my experience help anybody.

> I have a similar problem with a Thinkpad 600e:
> The machine has RedHat6.2, and the original kernel
> (2.2.14-5) as well as every 2.4.0-test* kernel I've
> tried (test5, test9, test10 and test12) have had
> no trouble with the PCMCIA (actually Cardbus)
> card I use (a 3Com 3C575, but I don't think it
> has anything to do with the card itself).
> Well, 2.4.0 does not seem to be able to talk to
> the card. The first sign of trouble is the lines:
> cs: socket c13d4800 timed out during reset.
> Try increasing setup_delay.
> at the point where other kernels say instead:
> cs: cb_alloc(bus 5): vendor 0x10b7, device 0x5057
> and so the former does not seem to be able to access
> the card while the others are happy.
> All of this is with 2.4 kernels that include all the
> necessary pieces (no modules), which makes it harder
> to go change the setup_delay. I can make the PCMCIA
> stuff into modules, but the point is that neither
> setup_delay nor any other of the default values for
> the module parameters changed between test12 and
> release, so I'm not sure that it will really make
> a difference.
> One other thing I did try: If I eject and re-insert
> the card after the system is up, it then starts working.
> So I actually have a workaround, but I'd like to know
> what is really happening and how to fix it.
> Any suggestions?
> TIA,
> Gmo.

Carles Pina i Estany
E-Mail: || #ICQ: 14446118 || Nick: Pinux
TELEFONICA S.A "Siempre te dejaremos colgado"

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