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Subject[preview] Latest AMD & VIA IDE drivers with UDMA100 support
on Fri Jan 19 2001 - 10:56:10 EST Vojtech Pavlik (
> ...
>I'm sending you (and others who might be interested) my latest VIA and
>IDE drivers. The VIA driver (v3.15) should have a complete support for
>UDMA100 on the vt82c686b chip, the AMD driver (v1.5) should have full
>UDMA100 support on the amd766 ViperPlus chip.
>They're also a little more foolproof with respect to the 'idebus'
>setting, which is quite a misnomer, btw.
>Care to try them out?

If by "trying them out" you mean dropping them in the drivers/ide
subdirectory of the 2.4.0 source and rebuilding the kernel, then they
still cause my machine to give CRC errors.

I'm running with an Abit K7 (uses via82c686a in southbridge) with IBM
deskstar 8.4gb disks (DHEA-38451) as masters in ide0 and 1. They only
do UDMA mode 2. I am not overclocking or anything - all should be
running at default speeds with an Athlon 900.

Just to be clear - I am NOT getting any errors when I switch back to
the 2.2.17 kernel (debian standard) - with a 2.4.0 kernel they occur
every few minutes when there is significant disk activity.

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