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SubjectRe: Inefficient PCI DMA usage (was: [experimental patch] UHCI updates)
> TD's are around 32 bytes big (actually, they may be 48 or even 64 now, I
> haven't checked recently). That's a waste of space for an entire page.
> However, having every driver implement it's own slab cache seems a
> complete waste of time when we already have the code to do so in
> mm/slab.c. It would be nice if we could extend the generic slab code to
> understand the PCI DMA API for us.
I missed the beginning of the thread:

What are the exact requirements for TD's?
I have 3 tiny updates for mm/slab.c that I'll send to Linus as soon as
2.4 has stabilized a bit more, perhaps I can integrate the code for USB.

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