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SubjectSerious file system corruption with RAID5+SMP and kernels above 2.4.0
Two days ago I tried new kernels on my SMP SW RAID5 System
and expirienced serous file system corruption with kernels 2.4.1-pre8,9 as 2.4.0-ac8,9,10.
The same error has been reported by other people on this list. With 2.4.0 release
everything runs fine. So I backsteped to it and had no error since.

Comparing Patches from 2.4.1-pre8,9 and 2.4.0-ac10,9 leads me to the question if the
chances to the MMX und i387 code in this patches could have broken raid5 under SMP?

My boot.log file states that it uses p5_mmx block moves for performance reasons.

In the 2.4.1 series are no changes to raid5 but the corruption issue which expirience are in both
kernel series the same.

Best regards

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