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SubjectRe: 2.4.1-pre9 fails to compile drm r128 as module

On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, Albert Cranford wrote:
> 2.4.1-pre9 changes to drivers/char/drm/drm.h are incorrect.
> Please reverse this small change to compile correctly.

Actually, please revert a bit more.

(The XFree86 CVS tree is being silly - they've renamed the ioctl's after
4.0.2 instead of just assigning new numbers. I hope they learn. The radeon
merge got a bit too much merged)


diff -u --recursive --new-file pre9/linux/drivers/char/drm/drm.h linux/drivers/char/drm/drm.h
--- pre9/linux/drivers/char/drm/drm.h Fri Jan 19 21:41:07 2001
+++ linux/drivers/char/drm/drm.h Fri Jan 19 21:38:59 2001
@@ -374,15 +374,14 @@
#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_CCE_RESET DRM_IO( 0x43)
#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_CCE_IDLE DRM_IO( 0x44)
#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_RESET DRM_IO( 0x46)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_FULLSCREEN DRM_IOW( 0x47, drm_r128_fullscreen_t)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_SWAP DRM_IO( 0x48)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_CLEAR DRM_IOW( 0x49, drm_r128_clear_t)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_VERTEX DRM_IOW( 0x4a, drm_r128_vertex_t)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_INDICES DRM_IOW( 0x4b, drm_r128_indices_t)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_BLIT DRM_IOW( 0x4c, drm_r128_blit_t)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_DEPTH DRM_IOW( 0x4d, drm_r128_depth_t)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_STIPPLE DRM_IOW( 0x4e, drm_r128_stipple_t)
-#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_INDIRECT DRM_IOWR(0x4f, drm_r128_indirect_t)
+#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_SWAP DRM_IO( 0x47)
+#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_CLEAR DRM_IOW( 0x48, drm_r128_clear_t)
+#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_VERTEX DRM_IOW( 0x49, drm_r128_vertex_t)
+#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_INDICES DRM_IOW( 0x4a, drm_r128_indices_t)
+#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_BLIT DRM_IOW( 0x4b, drm_r128_blit_t)
+#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_DEPTH DRM_IOW( 0x4c, drm_r128_depth_t)
+#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_STIPPLE DRM_IOW( 0x4d, drm_r128_stipple_t)
+#define DRM_IOCTL_R128_PACKET DRM_IOWR(0x4e, drm_r128_packet_t)

/* Radeon specific ioctls */
#define DRM_IOCTL_RADEON_CP_INIT DRM_IOW( 0x40, drm_radeon_init_t)
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