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SubjectRe: 2.4 and ipmasq modules
On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, Aaron Lehmann wrote:

> It was great to see that 2.4.0 reintroduced ipfwadm support! I had no
> need for ipchains and ended up using the wrapper around it that
> emulated ipfwadm. However, 2.[02].x used to have "special IP
> masquerading modules" such as ip_masq_ftp.o, ip_masq_quake.o, etc. I
> can't find these in 2.4.0. Where have they gone? Without important
> modules such as ip_masq_ftp.o I cannot use non-passive ftp from behind
> the masquerading firewall.

I think its ip_conntrack_ftp, but I'll check my fw setup to verify if you
still can't find it.

-- John E. Jasen (
-- In theory, theory and practise are the same. In practise, they aren't.

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