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SubjectRe: CPRM copy protection for ATA drives
On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Rob Landley wrote:

> And we all remember how the pirates got around this, don't we? The easy
> way: crack the program. is embedded to the vender portion of the media.

> There's nothing new under the sun, and the "zero day warez" people never
> even broke stride dealing with this sort of thing. All it WILL do is
> annoy people who try to legitimately use the system. And, of coruse,
> make a lot more people buy SCSI if they sabotage the ATA spec this
> way...

You were not listening, SCSI/MMC grabbed their ankles already!

> Has anybody brought up the LEVELS of nested stupidity in this particular
> proposal to the committe? (Committee iq: average intelligence of
> members, divide by headcount. Nice to see that holds true.)

Yes, it is not part of the STANDARD because I successfully stopped it for
now until February. Oh and I sit and vote on that committee.

> users. A GPLed program isn't likely to depend on this "feature", is
> it? Or the Intel CPU ID...).

It requires a licensed HOST/Application like a JAVA-thingy, or a
real-local one.

If you want to kill it somebody create a GNU-CPRM and open-source it.
License it for FREE.


Andre Hedrick
CTO Timpanogas Research Group
EVP Linux Development, TRG
Linux ATA Development

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