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SubjectRe: Coppermine is a PIII or a Celeron? WINCHIP2/WINCHIP3D diff?

On 2001.01.02 Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
> Hello!
> When working in cpu autoconfiguration I found some problems:
> I have to identify this processor:
> Vendor: Intel
> Family: 6
> Model: 8
> Is it a "Pentium III (Coppermine)" (setup.c:1709)
> or a "Celeron (Coppermine)" (setup.c:1650) ?

AFAIK, both. Coppermine is the code name of the low level arch of
the chip.

Really, the kernel should be querying the builder: Have you a
Deschutes, a Mendocino or a Coppermine ? How much cache do you have ?
But that is rarely known (Uh? I bought a Pentium III). You have to
guess from the answer to:
Have you a PII, an old Celeron (Mendocino) or a new Cel-PIII (Copper).

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Linux werewolf 2.2.19-pre3-aa3 #3 SMP Wed Dec 27 10:25:32 CET 2000 i686

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