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Subject[patch] smbfs cache rewrite for 2.4.1-pre

There have been a few reports on oopses in smbfs on 2.4 boxes with highmem
support enabled. This patch tries to fix that.

The patch replaces the smbfs dir cache code with something based on the
ncpfs code. Petr should recognize almost all of it. And the ntfs code has
contributed with new time decoding functions.

It compiles, it mounts and it hasn't crashed yet. No guarantees beyond
that. Tested on 2.4.1-pre3 and pre8, and pre8+HIGHMEM_DEBUG_MERE_MORTALS-1
(allows highmem use on non-highmem box). I have repeated crashes (hangs)
on the old cache code but not the new, so maybe it is better.

The patch is 34k. Those who want to test it or comment on it may download
it from here.

There are a few things that are incomplete. The dates don't consider
timezones (I think), it should only work with win9x/NT/2k servers. And I
suspect the caching part doesn't use any of the things it caches (but I
know that some parts are disabled).


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