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Subject[Off-Topic] Support For 1 Ghz on Tyan Trinity 400
Ok, I looked on their web site and it lists the necessary spec as:

Board Version: 99P0N
Board Revision: J (or higher)

This is the info for my board:

Board Version: 99P0NA
Board Revision: L

I have tried emailing the Tyan tech support department about two weeks
ago and again recently with no response at all except for their
automated response that sends a FAQ on their products to your email
addres, does anyone know for sure if the "99P0N" on their web site was a
typo and they left the A off or if it really was 99P0N but 99P0NA is
just newer and will also work? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I
was going to try and upgrade to a faster PIII and get some RAM while it
is cheap to do so but do not want to get a processor that will not work
with my board. Thanks in advance.

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